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Quality Staffing Services, Inc.

Personnel Hiring Plans

Quality Staffing offers flexible hiring plans:

· Long-Term Temporary Personnel

· Temporary-to-Hire Personnel

Long-Term Temporary Personnel

Long-Term Temporary Personnel are quite common for companies that have seasonal or unsteady work. The long-term temporary program eliminates all the hassles that are typically associated with hiring and laying off employees: EDD (unemployment insurance), Workers Compensation, Employers’ Taxes, Disability Insurance, advertising costs, your staff’s time in interviewing and screening etc.

Temporary-to-Hire Personnel

Temporary-to-Hire Personnel is also quite common with companies that find the need to hire an employee, but would prefer to eliminate the risks of not hiring the “right” employee. The risks are virtually eliminated by having QSS find you the “right” employee who is on our payroll and, as such, an employee is then eligible to become employed by your company.

QSS has no requirements that mandate a client to hire our employee. However, should the client wish to hire an QSS employee, then terms converting the QSS employee onto your payroll is noted in the Terms & Conditions.


Permanent Placement

Permanent Placement is offered to those clients that wish to hire an employee directly, thereby placing the employee on your payroll immediately. This is quite common for the higher skilled personnel. The client need only pay a one-time placement fee for the employee. The permanent placement fee is based on a pre-determined percentage of the hired employee’s annual salary.

Payroll Service

Payroll Service offers the client the flexibility of analyzing and verifying the employee’s skills, work habits, traits, reliability, etc., without the legal commitment and obligation of having to hire them. The client simply refers the employee to QSS, where the employee is placed on QSS payroll. QSS generally offers a discount rate for payroll service.

QSS will also payroll existing employees that are working for the client. Payroll service eliminates the legal hassles of hiring employees that are not proven. It takes the “gamble” out of the hiring process!



· Permanent Placement

· Payroll Service